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It is a completely individual and personal choice as to whether or not a person decides to come out about having a mental illness, and with whom they choose to do so.

Thankfully, in my experience, the vast majority of people’s reactions are much less negative, harsh, or rejecting than imagined—most of the people I’ve revealed my illness to have instead been supportive, inquisitive, and attentive.

It’s known that people with bipolar disorder often have a more difficult time maintaining healthy relationships than others.

She is the cofounder of DOLLFEEDER magazine and a performing musician in the band DOLL FOOD.(and I’ve almost always been proven right) this quality within someone.Some of the most profound connections I’ve felt with others have been based to some extent around the particular outlook and understanding that coincides with having a mental illness.Moreover, it can be difficult to distinguish in relationships between what is symptom of a real problem or conflict in the relationship versus what is a projection of an internal problem or conflict within a person and their moods at the given time.When both people within the relationship have a mood disorder, this difficulty is given even more complexity.

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