Jamie colby dating

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Jamie colby dating

Fox News personality Jamie Colby claims she’ll try anything once.

She has ridden a wild bucking horse, operated a fork lift, driven a tractor, chewed and swallowed deep-fried alligator meat, and gotten up close and personal with the world’s largest privately held insect collection—all in the service of Strange Inheritance with Jamie Colby, which premieres Monday night at 9 on the Fox Business Network.“I had to play with those bugs. “And I had to wrestle an alligator…This one was named Gucci—and he was going down!

“It could be like a mix between Antiques Road Show and Ancestry.com,” Colby says. That’s when I’ll know I’ve really made it—when I have my own bus, and my face is big on every side.

Jamie Colby has experienced an amazing journey from being an accomplished Attorney to Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist.

The versatile and stupendous woman now works as the lead host of 'Strange Inheritance', which airs Monday through Friday at PM/ET on the Fox Business Network (FBN).

Despite a successful career and huge achievements, Jamie's personal life has not gone quite smoothly since the past few years.

Jamie and her first spouse also have a son together who currently lives with his mother.

She’s picking at her steak salad—“I’m a foodie,” she says—while attempting to describe the cuisine she and her production team ingested during their time on the road in 25 states.

“She didn’t come in like a celebrity—she was a real person.

She knew the names of all the secretaries, she knew who’d just had a baby.

Like many people in his position, he demanded great loyalty.

He would ask my advice and send me in to NBC to negotiate.

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Colby, by her own account, was frighteningly precocious—attending the University of Miami’s business school at age 14, living in the women’s dorm with a romantically experienced Venezuelan roommate, majoring in accounting and learning the facts of life, and receiving her law degree at age 22.

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