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Since her teen years, when she was a student at the Professional Children’s School on the Upper West Side and dating classmate Jack Antonoff — now a music producer and the boyfriend of Lena Dunham — Johansson has rarely been on her own.

In 2003, the year she was nominated for two best actress Golden Globes, for “Lost in Translation” and “Girl With the Pearl Earring,” the then-19-year-old paired off with actor James Holzier.

These statements come just after Scarlett Johansson was reportedly making out with Colin Jost at a cold opening last weekend where she reprised her role of first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Later that night, Johansson and Jost were spotted making out at the after-party located at the Rockefeller Center’s ice rink, learned on Monday that the two stars were already “hooking up” prior to that party.

While Johansson wants to openly discuss these topics, she still wants to set a good example for her two-year-old daughter, Rose Dorothy.Although the couple shared a home in Los Angeles, in 2010 they were rarely together: Johansson was on Broadway eight times a week in “A View From the Bridge,” and Reynolds was filming “Green Lantern” in New Orleans.“He was afraid she was having affairs,” said the publicist.but, like, so attractively unavailable.” Sources speculate that the man in question was Law, who was engaged to Sienna Miller in 2004. “When she was with Jared, they were very playful with one another,” said someone who was in her social circle at the time. “[They] spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, alone.” The two shared a low-key romance from 2005 to 2006, often hanging out at Lower East Side spots like the bar Max Fish.There, the Hollywood heartthrobs would go hipster incognito — him with a beanie pulled low on his head, her with a septum ring. Later, Hartnett had harsh words about romancing co-stars, telling Elle, “I don’t recommend it to young actors.

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Meanwhile, Jost puts Johansson “on a pedestal — it’s all about her,” said the “SNL” insider.