Mandating h1n1 vaccine disabled dating service

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I wonder how many deaths there might have been had not so many people received a flu shot.There has been dementia long before the flu shots were even thought about..when the mercury builds up in your brains don't say you have not been warned here - but wait, you will not remember this....Thank you very much for all the updates on vaccination informations. You have change me regarding vaccinating my children since then had less ER visits.Nurses are being told to get them or loose their job!If the flu shot can actually give you the flu, then why would a nurse be required to get the shot?

He continued his flu shots even though he got sick every year His wife asked him why he is doing this when he still gets sick. I tell everybody the word vaccine should NOT give you the warm fuzzies!!!! Our human rights are seriously being impacted and violated when we are being told we have to get a flu vaccine (or any other vaccine for that matter).

She would probably have lived until 90 without that shot.

Get Big Brother out of the business of taking away our choices to our own lives.

The horrific levels of poisons are far worse than the slim chance my child would get one of the THREE strains they include.

In fact, the strain my son caught was not even included in the vaccine that year, so it wouldn't have matter anyway.

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