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Under statutory marriage, individuals must be over 21, however in customary law, emphasis is rather on physical maturity. While homosexual acts between females are legal, there is no specific legislation for same-sex marriage.Source: UNSD, ILGA Initiatives include youth-led enterprises, and counselling through “youth-friendly” service centres.Culturally however, the age of youth depends on roles, health and involvement in community life.This actually has significant policy and development implications because it has meant that adults (predominately older men) claim to be youth in an attempt to represent young people in power structures and activities.Less than forty per cent (38%) of participants reported having had sexual intercourse in the six months prior to the survey.Marital status was by far the most important factor in determining sexual activity, but consistent condom use during vaginal intercourse with a regular partner was low.

The National Youth Commission (NYC) is the central government agency responsible for youth development in Papua New Guinea and is part of the Ministry for Religion, Youth and Community Development.According to the report Urban Youth in the Pacific (2011), the National Youth Policy of Papua New Guinea 2007-2017 (print only) defines youth as between 12 and 25 years old, however also welcomes individuals over 25 to participate in youth programming.Culturally, age of youth is defined by roles, health and involvement in the community.This can be an obstacle for young people’s voices to be heard and for adequate gender perspectives to be taken into consideration in decision- making forums [...] The National Youth Commission (NYC) under the Ministry of Community Development is the lead national body charged with youth development across the country.Its main tasks are to develop and implement the National Youth Policy, provide policy and technical advice to the Government, undertake research, and coordinate and monitor youth programmes.

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The 2013 National Budget listed the expenditures of the National Youth Commission as PGK 4.4 million (USD 1.7 million).