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Furthermore, as told to me personally and in confidence by William, an April Fools' joke that he played on his female relatives more than twenty-years ago, this is a true story. Instead of having two nameless and undeveloped characters having sex and nothing but sex, I write real stories that have substance and believability.Suffice to write, as if I was writing a personal story just for you, I dare wrote this story with you in mind. Actually, now that I think about it, this story is best read while you're in the company of your mother, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, and/or your grandmother. I'm sure they'll enjoy hearing you read this story to them as much as you'll enjoy reading this story.

As the premise of his April Fools' Day joke, going with the flow while enjoying them all giving him incestuous sex, William embraced the ruse that he was gay.

You're safe and are literally and summarily forgiven no matter what you do. This is an April Fools' Day story that really happened to William more than twenty-years ago. "William, say hi to your new fans." "Hello." Now, go ahead. Slip off your shoes, take off your pants, and put your feet up. Perhaps, after reading this story, you'll want me to write the story of what sexually and incestuous happened after you finished reading this story to them.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or a drink as this is a very long, but true story. * * * * * As long as you say, "April Fools' Day," immediately after, this is your day, the one and only day of the year, to do whatever you've always, sexually imagined doing.

With the joke on them, thinking that they'd stop him from turning gay by giving him incestuous sex, even though he wasn't gay to begin with, he couldn't wait to tell them that he wasn't gay. This is the story of William playing an April Fools' Day joke on his family of horny and sexually frustrated women.

I'm straight,' thought William while imagining telling his mother, sister, aunt, cousin, and grandmother that he pretended to be gay and go along with their ruse of them giving him conversion and reparation therapy just to have sex with them. Obviously, William's family thought that he was gay. Seriously, who could blame him for sexually taking advantage of his female relatives who were all intent on taking sexual advantage of him?

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Besides, seriously, after my last incestuous story, On the Run & in Hiding with Stepmom, was responsible for 12 sudden deaths, how many funerals can I attend?

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